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  1. Please complete the online form below to sign up for Village of Hempstead's REVERSE 911®
    REVERSE 911® allows officials to quickly provide residents and businesses of important updates and Emergency Information from the Village of Hempstead. Sign up with Hempstead’s REVERSE 911® Notification Alert system today.
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  3. About REVERSE 911®
    REVERSE 911® is an outbound notification system which may be used for time-sensitive, mass distribution of emergency messages. The system is particularly effective in times of crisis when rapid communication to a targeted group of citizens or emergency responders is critical. Citizens may be given information regarding evacuation notices, hazardous material releases, community-policing activities or alerts to boil water if necessary. Therefore, when residents receive a REVERSE 911® message, it is important to listen carefully and follow all instructions provided in the alert. It is also important for residents not to rely on REVERSE 911® notifications as their only means of emergency information. The system may be used in conjunction with information provided to the media, directions given by emergency responders, and information posted on official village, town, county and government websites. The REVERSE 911® system is able to send notifications to landline telephones, TTY phones, cellular phones, Voice Over Internet Protocol phones, and e-mail / text addresses. Currently, Village of Hempstead’s REVERSE 911® database includes both listed and unlisted landline phone numbers for AT&T and Verizon customers.
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