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The Building Department is the Village of Hempstead’s Code of Enforcement Division, which is an entity that is required by the State of New York. It enforces the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes as well as other state and local ordinances related to new and existing construction. These codes reflect structural adequacy and safety, fire safety, occupancy standards, and system installation and maintenance for all buildings within the village. Additional duties and responsibilities include enforcement of the Village Zoning Ordinance, handling of housing and tenant complaints, and the maintenance of required records and documents concerning all of the above tasks.

Compliance / Enforcement

Compliance is obtained through physical inspections of premises and technical review of submitted proposals for various permits and licenses. Violations and deficiencies result in the issuance of summonses or, in the case of applicants for new construction, denial notices.

Enforcement of the codes results in a better and safer environment for all village residents, it decreasing overall losses due to fire and accidents. Additionally, it simplifies the purchase, sale, or lease of the properties and allows lower insurance rates, making real estate in the village more attractive to all.


The Building Department has a staff of

  • Building, Plumbing and Electrical Inspectors
  • Clerical Staff
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Nine Inspectors
  • Plan Examiner
  • Several Code Enforcement Officers
  • Superintendent

Foreclosure and vacant property registration information:

  1. Foreclosure
  2. Vacant

The Village of Hempstead has partnered with PROCHAMPS.com to administer its Vacant property registration program. In order to comply with the vacant property registration ordinance, all property owners of vacant properties must register online via PROCHAMPS.com and pay a registration fee. 

Register with PROCHAMPS.com 

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