Doing Business in Hempstead

doing business in HempsteadAll new businesses must file with the Pre-Submission/Planning Board, Building Department and the Business License Bureau.

Planning Board Application

Applicants can obtain Planning Board Applications from Michelle Banks, Administrator of the Planning Board at Village Hall or click on the form links listed at the bottom of this page.

Said application must be signed and notarized by the applicant and property owner. There is a $50.00 filing fee and a $200.00 application fee. Acceptable payments can be made by check, money order or cash in the amount of $250.00 payable to: Inc. Village of Hempstead.

Once the applicant has completed the application, submit it to Michelle Banks. Please follow the guidelines of the following Check List:

Checklist for Pre-Submission Conference

Note: This list should serve as a checklist for the permitted application. 

Applicant needs a registered Architect or Draftsmen to prepare site plans or floor plans. Plans must be stamped and signed by a registered Architect. If you are subdividing, a registered Land Surveyor must prepare surveys for Subdivision of Plot or redeveloped lots.

  1. Submit 1 proposed Scale drawing of the site plan. The plans must include the Floor plan and the square footage, elevation and Signage, showing dimensions.
  2. 1 copy of proposed Signage with dimensions.
  3. Submit application, floor plan, signage rendering with a check, money order or cash for processing.

Pre-Submission Conference and Planning Board Meetings

The Pre-Submission Conference is a Concept plan/Initial Site Plan Review Board. The Board reviews plans to assure that such plans conform to Village Codes.

The Pre-Submission Conference meetings are the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the Hempstead’s Public Library, 115 James A. Garner Way, Hempstead, New York by Appointment only.

Once the applicant has appeared before the Pre-Submission Board depending on the nature of the application, the applicant may need to appear before other Boards and Commissions prior to the Planning Board. (E.g. Zoning, Traffic & Safety). 

Checklist for Planning Board

  1. Submit 5 additional copies of proposed Scale drawing of site plan as requested for the Pre-Submission Conference.
  2. 5 copies of proposed signage with dimensions. Showing lighting if included.

The Planning Board reviews and approves site plans for all new businesses, subdivisions, new construction, and building additions, including detached accessory structures. The Planning Board meets the 3rd Monday of each month (except August) at 6:30 p.m. in Village Hall, 99 James A. Garner Way, Hempstead, New York.

The applicant must file with the Building Department after appearing before the Pre-Submission Conference.

Once the applicant has been approved before the Planning Board, they can apply for a business license.

Businesses Licenses are normally issued between 4 to 6 weeks after the applicant has been approved by the Planning Board. 

View Chapter 8 Planning Board and Chapter 139 Zoning of the Village Codes for more information.

Note: Please be aware that the only applications that will be accepted and processed will be by appointment only, no walk-ins (To make an appointment please call: Michelle Banks at 516-478-6263).