Annual Water Quality Report 2018

A Message from the Mayor

Dear Hempstead Village Resident:

On behalf of the Village's Water Department, I am pleased to provide you with a copy of our CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT and ANNUAL WATER SUPPLY STATEMENT. This report is provided each year to give you important information about the quality of  drinking water in the Village of Hempstead, pursuant to state and federal regulations.  

Water is one of our most precious natural commodities, and our drinking water supply is both safe and plentiful. In fact, Long Island has one of the safest and most tightly regulated public water supply systems in the entire country.  We must do everything possible to ensure that both the quality and quantity of our drinking water is protected now and in the future. To achieve these objectives, the Village continues to implement projects that improve the safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of the water system including, leak detection, well screen cleaning, piping, pump and valve replacements and security improvements. The Village worked diligently to obtain past grants and we will continue efforts to secure additional funding sources to protect our water quality and reduce the cost burden on our residents.

Last May, the Village issued a water conservation alert asking residents to conserve water usage due to the need to temporarily remove several wells from service while we addressed removing a compound found in our water supply.  Thanks to the cooperation of our residents in conserving water, overall pumpage was reduced and we were able to get through the 2018 peak summer water usage season without having to enforce any water restriction measures.

Residents should be aware that our Water Conservation Alert is still in effect so we ask that you continue practicing conservation measures on an ongoing basis in order to further protect this valuable resource. Tips on how to conserve water can be found on page 11 of this report as well as on our Village website at:  An aeration tower treatment system project is now in construction for the wells at Laurel Avenue, and further improvements include planning for water wells at Kennedy Park and new advanced oxidation treatment systems to address emerging contaminants at existing wells.

This report provides all the information required under both state and federal regulations, together with additional information that you may find useful. Included is information relative to the current status of the Water Quantity, Water Quality, & Water Conservation Program of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead. A summary of the 2018 laboratory testing results from the distribution system and a review of water conservation measures available to the Village's consumers are also provided. Laboratory testing data for each well has been placed in the Hempstead Public Library and may also be obtained at Village Hall, 99 James A.Garner Way, Hempstead, New York during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Monday – Friday).

In the meantime, should you have any additional questions, please contact my office at 489-3400. Thank you for your continued interest in our community and our most precious natural resource.

Don Ryan
Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead