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Hempstead Village’s new and improved App is now available and at your service. Renamed My Hempstead, the new Village Services App replaces the former Village Line and now offers many more features for Village residents, including Village News, Sanitation Schedule, Employment Opportunities, Village Events, Service Requests, Social Media and Website links and more! Service requests can also be placed 24/7 by calling 516-478-6333.

The new My Hempstead App allows residents to stay in touch with what’s happening in Hempstead Village in so many ways all from the convenience of your smartphone and just a few clicks away. Download the free My Hempstead App today!

Citizen Request Tracker Facebook App

When you add the Citizen Request Tracker App to your Facebook page, you can report a city or county issue from anywhere you have internet access and a computer. The CRT App allows active Facebook members to report issues - potholes, graffiti, down street lights, etc. - to their local government. Once the issue is submitted to their local government, the citizen can track requests and comments from the city or county right from Facebook. Download Now
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