Human Relations Council

The Incorporated Village of Hempstead's Human Relations Council educates, provides, facilitates, promotes, anticipates, studies, and recommends programs, projects, feedback, and actions for the elimination of discrimination in any and all fields of human relationships.  It also facilitates events and programming with the goal of fostering a culture of community and inclusion within the Village of Hempstead. 

The purposes of this Council shall be:
To improve human relations in the Village.
To encourage the preservation of the ethnic and racial pluralism.
To facilitate cooperation, communication and understanding among the individuals, groups and communities within the Village.

  1. Juanita Hargwood

    Director of Human Relations / Community Relations
    Phone: 516-478-6286

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The Human Relations Council also facilitates Village Events and Programs. If you are interested in volunteering with any of their upcoming events or if you are interested in partnering or becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Human Relations, Director, Juanita Hargwood at 516-478-6286.
Board Members Term Expires
Bernette Houston-Willet April 4, 2022
Kristen Reynolds April 4, 2022
Terri A. Banks April 4, 2022
Bridgett Barker April 5, 2021
Marilyn Vallejo April 5, 2021
Rosalyn Seetal April 5, 2021
Gladys Rodriguez April 6, 2020
Dorothy Porter April 6, 2020