The Incorporated Village of Hempstead

Mayor Wayne J. Hall, Sr.

Wayne J. Hall Sr.

Mayor Hall is the son of Jamaican immigrants Beryl and Joseph Hall Sr. and is an US Army veteran, who after receiving an Honorable Discharge attended the City University of New York, where he received an Associate of Science and a Baccalaureate of Science in Biology.  In 1978, he married, moved to Hempstead and had two sons.

Mayor Hall was elected in March of 2005 and upon taking office he discovered that the Village of Hempstead had:

  • a $6.5 million general fund deficit, where excessive borrowing  to pay for items not properly budgeted for was the norm;
  • a  Village bond rating that was a step above junk status;
  • excessive out of control spending;
  • street and parks in decay;
  • a crumbling infrastructure and that
  • all of the aforementioned occurred while, from  1989-2004,  Village taxes increased approximately 278%

Since taking office on April 4, 2005, Wayne has:

  • completely eliminated the deficit in the general fund and has recorded a surplus of $2.6 million at the close of the May 31, 2007 fiscal year;
  • received a $1.6 million grant to improve Main Street;
  • received a $585,000 Restore New York Grant;
  • received a$2.4 million NYS DEC grant to improve the water system;
  • begun installing  new  automated water meters to  increase efficiency,  conservation and accuracy in terms of water usage; and as a result Moody’s has upgraded  the Village bond rating to Baa2 .  In fact, as result of Mayor Hall’s fiscal management the NYS Comptroller’s Office has recognized: “The Village has taken steps to address some of the issues we have identified in the past regarding financial condition ”. 

In addition, Mayor Hall has:

  • purchased two new street sweepers, four new sanitation trucks, as well as numerous departmental  work vehicles;
  • repaired more than 60 roads and continues to repair more roads, which have deteriorated due to years of past neglect;
  • renovated and re-opened Lincoln Park Pool;
  • replaced the senior citizen bus with a new bus;
  • upgraded all of the baseball fields;

In addition, Mayor Hall introduced legislation to:

  • protect  residents against predatory lenders;
  • adopt a living wage; 
  • strengthen building and sanitation codes; and
  • monitor sex offenders in the Village.

Mayor Hall had made fighting crime one of his top priorities and has endorsed
comprehensive police programs such as:

  • Operation Impact;
  • Project Safe Neighborhood;
  • the Initiative to curtail crime on Terrace Avenue;
  • Mayors’ Coalition Against Guns; and
  • hired and continues to hire new Village Police Officers.

Mayor Hall believes that positive changes will continue in the Village and welcomes
your comments and insights.

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