The Incorporated Village of Hempstead

Hempstead Mayor Opposes Liquor Licenses

by John Callegari
Published: March 2, 2011

From LIBN (Long Island Business News)

Tags: liquor licenses, Long Island, New York State Liquor Authority, Ronkonkoma, Village of Hempstead

The Village of Hempstead has an alcohol problem, according to Mayor Wayne Hall.
Hempstead is home to 167 establishments that are licensed to sell alcohol - a significant number for a village that is only 3.7 miles in area. Hall said bars, liquor stores and bodegas that sell alcohol have a negative impact on the village’s quality of life, and he will be in Manhattan today to push the New York State Liquor Authority to refuse to issue any new liquor licenses at locations with a history of disturbances on files.

Hall previously testified before the New York State Liquor Authority in Albany on Jan. 5 regarding an application to open a new bodega at 115 Main Street. That application was subsequently denied, and the board of commissioners of the liquor authority ordered that all applications for licenses in Hempstead must be reviewed by the full commission and passed through the mayor’s office first in order to check for a history of disturbances. Hall is pushing for an immediate refusal of licenses for any establishments in which there are disturbances on file.

In 2010 alone, the Hempstead Police Department responded to more than 400 complaints from bars and residents in the surrounding area.